Roberto Kenigstein, custom home builder, general contractor and developer, established Image Homes in 1988. With the help of his talented staff and his educated sense of what constitutes fine homes, Kenigstein has become one of San Antonio’s visionary builders. As San Antonio Builder/Architect magazine said, “Kenigstein is committed, not simply to quality home building, but literally to the interpretation of dreams.”

With 45 years of experience, Kenigstein is especially skilled at handling the most worrisome aspect for clients: the budget. He understands that clients are concerned about how much a project will cost and what their property’s eventual resale value will be.

His primary goal is customer satisfaction, so he maintains a service department that specializes in rapid response at any time of day or night. “There should never be a time,” says Kenigstein, “that a client cannot reach us to ask a question or express a concern. Client communication is critical.” From the project managers to the accounting staff, every member of his team maintains a working knowledge of each project.

large hallway with windows showing the back foyer

We Advise Investing in Your Home

The best home investment is choosing a quality team made up of a good builder, good architect, and good designer. Having a professional, synergistic team is essential to a completed project with every detail considered and covered AND ensures that your home appreciates in value over time and improves with age.

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